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17th October 2014

Added a page on the World War I memorial in the former Arundel Street Chapel and another on the World War I memorials at Buckland United Reformed Church.

20th September 2014

Added a page on the plaque to Norman Holbrook and another on the plaque to William Smith MD at Portsmouth Grammar School.

12th August 2014

Updated the page on the Cenotaph in Guildhall Square to include the 12 panels of names that now complete the World War II memorial.

5th August 2014

Added a new section for Fratton Park following the unveiling of memorials to The Pompey Pals and Captain Edward Bell on 4th August.

14th June 2014

Added a new section on the Memorials at the Royal Marines School of Music in HM Dockyard.

1st April 2014

Added the 'Shipwrights Sculpture' to the page on the Cockleshell Heroes

4th March 2014

Added a page to the Charles Dickens Statue in Guildhall Square.

19th February 2014

Added the memorial plaque in Old Portsmouth to the visit of Ivan Goncharov in 1852.

13th February 2014

Updated the page on the Handleys Memorial at Debenhams Department Store, Southsea.

24th January 2014

Updated the page on the St. John the Baptist Church WW1 and WW2 Memorials held at St. Agatha's Church.

10th January 2014

As a precursor to the 100th anniversary of the Great War and the associated events which will be taking place over the next five years we have published a list of WW1 memorials in Portsmouth. These range from the Cenotaph in Guildhall Square, through dozens of WW1 memorials in churches and other locations, to those memorialising the loss of single lives. Memorials In Portsmouth is not planning any further commemorative pages but our sister site History In Portsmouth is preparing a number of mini-biographies of persons killed in the war and this will be launched closer to the anniversary of the start of the war.

10th January 2014

Added a page on the Scott Butler & Joseph Walker Memorial to the North Portsmouth section. The two WW1 memorials were rescued from the redundant Congregational Church, Victoria Road South, and moved to the WW1 Remembrance Centre, Fort Widley.

16th December 2013

Added a page on The Children's Cottage Homes Plaque to the North Portsmouth section. We've also had news that two WW1 plaques have been rescued from the United Reformed Church, Victoria Road South and are now held at the WW1 Remembrance Centre at Fort Widley.

31st July 2013

Updated the section on St. Andrews Church, Farlington.

4th July 2013

Added five new pages on Memorials and Monuments associated with the D-Day Museum. These are:-
  The 141st Regiment, RAC,
  The Sherman 'Grizzly' Tank,
  The Churchill Crocodile Tank
  3.7 inch Anti-Aircraft Gun.

8th April 2013

Added a page on the plaque to Captain David Richard Clarke, formerly at the Royal Marines Church of St. Andrews. following the receipt of information from his son-in-law which confirms previous intelligence that all the memorials there had been moved to Plymouth.
Also, news has reached us that the long lost WW1 and WW2 memorials formerly displayed at the Co-op in Fratton Road have been located. A dedicated page on them will be added here once they have found a permanent site.

22nd February 2013

Added a page on the newly unveiled plaque to Percy Westerman.

4th December 2012

Reviewed the section on St. Cuthbert's Church following it's conversion to a community/health/social centre as well as a church. None of the memorials recorded in 2003 are currently on display but the details have been preserved in the section.

27th November 2012

Updated the page on the Mortar in the Royal Marines Museum section and added a page on the boards listing the Royal Marines Commandants from 1755

23rd November 2012

Thanks to a visitor to this site we have been finally able to name the two persons listed only as 'UNIDENTIFIED' on the East Side Civilian's Memorial in Kingston Cemetery. Read the details of the research here.

9th November 2012

Created a new section for St. Matthews Church, Southsea which was destroyed in WW2 along with a WW1 memorial

8th November 2012

Revisited St. Simon's Church in Southsea. Took new photos and added pages for ten more memorials including 6 windows.

5th November 2012

Revised the page on the Cockleshell Heroes at the Royal Marines Museum in Eastney following the unveiling of a new memorial.

2nd November 2012

Added a section on the World War 1 Roll of Honour at the Royal Marines Museum in Eastney.

24th October 2012

Revised the page on the Curzon Howe Road Memorial plaque in commemoration of it's 100th anniversary.

23rd October 2012

Added a page on the Cockleshell Heroes (Worthing Road & Spencer Road) plaques.

17th September 2012

Added a page on the lost Port Creek Memorial.

4th September 2012

Completely revised the section on (The Former) St Andrews Church in Henderson Road, following the discovery of 35 photographs of the memorials there held by the Royal Marines Museum.

29th August 2012

Revised the page on the memorial to Captain John Mason in the Royal Garrison Church following research that revealed details of the endowment of the memorial.

26th August 2012

Portsmouth City Council recognise the importance of the Memorials In Portsmouth website in a part-sponsorship arrangement.
Added details to the memorial to Surgeon John Hume in the Royal Garrison Church.

30th July 2012

Made photos of all the panels on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial available for download free of charge. See the Searching Page for details.

27th July 2012

Updated the HMS Shah memorial in Victoria Park following an extensive renovation, and added the First Fleet Re-enactment Plaque and the Celestial Microscope in Old Portsmouth.

25th July 2012

Added the names of the dead to the HMS Centurion memorial in Victoria Park.

19th July 2012

Added the Rugby Road Tramway Plaque to the Southsea section.

13th June 2012

Reviewed the memorials and artefacts at Gunwharf Quays adding three additional pages.

7th April 2012

Carried out a major review of the section on the memorials in the Anglican Cathedral of St. Thomas. This has entailed the addition of 41 new pages, re-photographing 149 memorials, re-organising the index to list the memorials by location, provided a Cathedral Plan and access to larger versions of most of the photographs (by clicking on them).

25th March 2012

Added further material to the page on HMS Powerful, in the City Centre section, including an account of the banquet given to the men by Lloyds of London.

7th March 2012

Added pages on the memorial to the Royal Navy Boy Seamen and the Historic Windows, both at Portsmouth Cathedral. Both pages allow access to larger images of the memorials by clicking on the photographs. This is a feature which will gradually be rolled out across the whole site.

2nd Febuary 2012

Added page on the memorial to Lt. Vernon Bransbury in Kingston Cemetery.

26th January 2012

Revised the page on the memorial to the men of HMS Fiji in Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral following receipt of further information concerning the names of the dead.

4th January 2012

Revised the page on the Freemasons Memorial in Kingston Cemetery following research that suggested the obelisk should be treated as a War Memorial.

18th November 2011

Revised the page on the memorial to the men of HMS Fiji in Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral to include the names of all those lost at sea and a personal account by a member of the Royal Naval School of Music who served aboard the ship and survived the sinking.

13th November 2011

Added further research into the names on the Civilians Memorial (West Side) and Civilians Memorial (East Side) in Kingston cemetery.

9th November 2011

Revised the Civilians Memorial (West Side) in Kingston cemetery following the replacement of the plaques stolen a few months earlier.

15th August 2011

Added the newly unveiled plaque at the site of the Besant Road Air Raid Shelter

11th August 2011

Added a memorial to Nelson Yeaxlee in Highland Road Cemetery

2nd August 2011

Added a Memorial to Men of HMS Captain currently on display in the "No Place Like Pompey" Exhibition at the City Museum.

15th July 2011

Re-assessed the pages on the World War 1 memorial in the Guildhall Square (the Cenotaph), following information that some of the entries were inaccurate. At the same time images of all ten panels have been made available via download.

5th July 2011

Updated the section on St. Mark's Church, North End, to include the WW1 Memorial Cross

1st June 2011

Added the memorial to Sergeant G. Rourke in Highland Road Cemetery.

31st March 2011

Re-drafted two pages on the Statue of Lord Nelson in Grand Parade and the Nelson Monument on Portsdown Hill to include additional information provided by Jane Smith.

28th March 2011

Added a page on the Spirit of Portsea Sculpture at the John Pounds Community Centre, Portsea.

19th March 2011

Added a page on the memorial to HMS Hero at St. Mary's Church

2nd February 2011

Added a page on the memorial to Commander Matthew Flinders which was unveiled on the 19th November 2010

12th January 2011

Updated the page on the 101 High Street Memorial following the unveiling of a replacement plaque on 10th January 2011, the 70th anniversary of the blitz when the house received a direct hit.

12th December 2010

Added an page on the Thomas Ellis Owen Sculpture following it's unveiling on 11th December 2010.

6th December 2010

11th November 2010

Following a visit to Deepcut, the section on (The Former) St. Barbara's Church, Hilsea has been re-written to include details of all the memorials formerly held at Hilsea.

17th October 2010

11th October 2010

Added a new section under Churches for the former St. Barbara's Church at Hilsea Barracks.

8th October 2010

15th September 2010

Added memorials to Boswell Russell and Family and James Gieve and Family to the section on Portsmouth Cathedral

5th September 2010

Added details of the grave and headstone for Rev. Thomas and Mrs. Elizabeth Timmins to the Cemeteries section.

22nd August 2010

Added biographies and photographs of the 69 men named on the WW1 Memorial from the Southern Grammar School

28th July 2010

Added the statue of St. John the Evangelist to the St. John's section.

18th July 2010

Added four more memorials to the section on the Royal Garrison Church. They were the Cornwallis Plate, the Wykeham Gates, the Altar Cross and the Altar Candlesticks

30th June 2010

Revised the section on St. Jude's Church, Southsea, following a modernisation of the church and the changes to the locations of some memorials. Four new memorials were also added.

28th June 2010

Added four more memorials to the section on St. John's Cathedral

24th June 2010

Added the names of the men who died in 45 Commando during WW2 to the memorial at the Royal Marines Museum.

10th June 2010

Amended the page on the Memorial to the Twelve Chaplains who died in the Crimean War, in the Garrison Church, to include further biographical details.

22nd May 2010

13th May 2010

Added 8 more memorials to the section on the Cathedral (St. Thomas's Church)

6th May 2010

Added the new memorial plaque explaining the story of HMS Pique in the Dockyard section

29th April 2010

Added 12 more memorials to the section on the Cathedral (St. Thomas's Church)

21st April 2010

Added 8 more memorials to the section on the Cathedral (St. Thomas's Church)

16th March 2010

Added the WW1 Tank Mk. IV No. 2324 to the HMS Excellent section

9th March 2010

Re-wrote the HTML code for the entire site of 966 pages. It should all now be future proof. I've checked every page to ensure it is displaying correctly but I don't rule out the possibility that errors remain undetected. So, if you spot something that isn't working correctly, please let me know.

2nd February 2010

Added 8 more memorials to the section on St. Mary's Church, Portsea

21st January 2010

Added further information concerning the names of the Old Etonians lost in the Crimean War and who were jointly memorialised on a plaque in the Royal Garrison Church.

14th December 2009

Added a (You Tube) video of a dive on the wreck of HMS Victoria on the page dedicated to the memorial to the men who lost their lives in the disaster.

18th November 2009

Added the The Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Fountain and The Arundel Street Sculptures to the City Centre section and the Rudyard Kipling Plaque to the Southsea section.

27th October 2009

Updated section on Christ Church, Portsdown and added plaque to John Deverell, the founder of the church.

19th October 2009

Added further details to the page on the memorial to Charles and Edward Ryder in St. Ann's Church

19th June 2009

Added two more memorials to the 47 Royal Marine Commando memorial page which although sited in Northern France commemorate the same actions as on the Portsmouth memorial.

14th June 2009

Added the Trinity Methodist Church to the churches section with it's World War 1 memorial.

10th May 2009

9th April 2009

Added plaques to Fred T. Jane, Peter Sellers and Frances Yates to the Southsea section; Portsmouth Football Club to the Old Portsmouth section, Charles Dickens to the City Centre section and John Dickens to the Dockyard section.

20th March 2009

Added the memorial to the people of Halabja to the Garden of Hope, Southsea

16th March 2009

Updated the page relating to the HMS Powerful Memorial to include links to first hand accounts of the Relief of Ladysmith and the part the Naval Brigade played in that operation. Also, the significance of the date 7th May finally resolved.

10th March 2009

Received information that the War Memorial that was formerly sited in the Co-op Headquarters in Fratton Road still exists but its exact location is unknown. Any further information should be sent to Tim Backhouse, who would be exceedingly grateful.

10th January 2009

Added the Jewish Cemetery in Fawcett Road to the War Graves section. Corrected one error and one omission in the Highland Road War Graves section. All thanks to David Milborrow of the The War Graves Photographic Project.


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